Rake or Hoe in seconds

The Elimanator II
The Ultimate Gardening Tool

Lybarger Mfg., 16424 El Centro St., Hesperia, Ca 92345

June, 2015


I purchased the Eliminator II rake and hoe combo and this yard tool is a must have. The craftsmanship of this tool is second to none from the strong, durable hoe, to the smooth gliding rake. This hoe and rake combo saves a lot of time when your doing yard work around the house or at work. Another great asset is the fact that you can purchase replaceable blades for the hoe instead of having to buy a new one. I would recommend this tool to anyone who wants a durable long lasting tool around the house or on the job.

Thank You
Apple Valley, CA

June, 2015

I have used Chuck's Elimantor for almost a yr now, I will never buy another rake or hoola hoe again, this thing will last me a life time.

Good Luck Chuck
Ms. May

June, 2015

I got one of the first Elimanator-II garden tools. I use it all the time in my garden and it works great. I haven't had a problem with it at all.

Hesperia, Ca